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School lunch and Daycare programs are currently available in Fort Erie, Stevensville, Port Colborn, and Crystal Beach. Our waffles are made with fresh wholesome ingredients that make our waffles light and delicious. We take pride in every waffle we make.


Waffle Day

Plain Jane Waffle

Fresh waffles

maple syrup

and melted butter

waffles image with butter and syrup_edited_edited.png

Our waffles are made with wholesome ingredients using a recipe that goes as far back as 1872, we start with enriched malted flour and a few secret ingredients added by our chefs, local farm fresh eggs and butter make are waffles soo good!

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Blueberry Waffle



maple syrup

melted butter


Adding blueberries to any meal gives you an antioxidant boost, add fresh house-made whipped cream prepared by our chefs, and enjoy these healthy waffle treats! 

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Strawberry Waffle

The Health Benefits of Strawberries  


Adding strawberries to any meal gives you a vitamin C boost! Ingredients added by our chefs, local farm fresh eggs, and butter make these strawberry waffles a delicious treat! 

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Salted Caramel Apple

House-made Caramel Sauce

Apple Waffles

it's soo good



Prepared daily, these little apple delights are not only super fresh they taste amazing. You get a total of 6 finger size, apple slices, cooked in our caramel dip over top of your waffle with melted butter and powdered sugar. 

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Waffles & Crepes


About us

This is a story about a young couple full of passion and desire. For years, young chef George enjoyed watching his wife pass around the food he had prepared at family gatherings and mostly enjoyed the expression on their face after trying his creations, he enjoyed it so much that his career as a chef flourished into many opportunities that led us to today, where his wife and partner lead up the team at the Mercantile General store in Crystal Beach and George spends his time on developing new and wonderful recipes for Waffles and Crepes. 

Our commitment to quality and service to our customers is how we stand out from the crowd. Seeing the smiles on faces brings us joy.

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